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This Book Confirms: Cats Looked More Insane In The '80s

Feline the burn! 

Okay, this post may not be about music per se— but cats in futuristic get-ups and technicolor workout uniforms transcend any musical niche or subculture, right? When we were alerted to Cats Of 1986: The Book by Boing Boing it felt like all our tastes had radically converged on one subject. As the blurb details, the book is an unmitigated “celebration of cats and the totally awesome ’80s, this book takes readers through the playful lives of furry felines living in 1986. Filled with colorful snapshots of cats as they go to school, hang at the mall, veg out at home and do their thing, this hilarious volume captures the essence of the ’80s.” As one Amazon user said, “Exactly what you’d expect…which is amazing.” Pick up the whole wondrous catalog here.

cats of 1986 cats of 1986 (2)

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