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This Bracelet Is A Wearable Subwoofer

What time is it? *checks wrist* Oh, it’s time to TURN UP THE BASS!

If you’ve ever wanted to bring the party with you without lugging around an amp, the Basslet may be your salvation. Fronted by two men from Native Instruments and Ableton, respectively, the new device promises powerful bass on the go. The phrase, “Block the world around you” should sound especially delightful to city dwellers who have daily commutes *cough* or those who can’t deal with basically any outside distractions when the drop hits.

The possibilities are endless for gamers, producers and all those terrible bros who delight in blasting tinny-ass trap music on their phones. Check the specs on their fully-funded Kickstarter.

Wearable technology is a hot topic at the moment: Learn about earbuds that let you EQ your environment and’s voice controlled smart watch. Got your own idea for a futuristic wearable? Submit it to the Fashion Fusion Challenge before August 1 for a chance to have your concept shown at Berlin Fashion Week in January 2017.