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This Brazilian Berghain Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

…for craft beer aficionados.

Earlier this week, the dance music internet was amused to learn that there is a fake Fabric nightclub somewhere in China. Though you might think that this counterfeit club phenomenon is an isolated occurrence, it actually turns out that Berghain also has its own bootleg doppelganger.

Berghain Cervejaria is a craft beer bar in the Brazilian city of Timbó. We’re not entirely sure why it shares its name with the Berlin techno club, but casual research suggests that this part of Brazil has German roots via 19th century immigrants from Hamburg.

And though the bar doesn’t seem to serve up techno hedonism for 48-hours straight every weekend, it does seem to offer a variety of tasty German-style beers. Who could resist a pretzel and Berghain Hefeweizen on one of those long and hot Brazilian afternoons? For more information, head over to its website here.

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