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Guys. You GUYS. Stop what you’re doing. This is important. Someone is FAKING her DJ set! Thank God this hero, acclaimed and credible California DJ Josh Billings, has alerted us to this abhorrent crime: a woman. is pretending. to play. RECORDS!!!! Josh, who as you already know runs the amazingly fun and very high-profile house music party Focus in the dance music mecca that is Orange fucking County, has drawn our attention to this fraud in a not-at-all psychotically obsessive video of Ruby Rose DJing at Las Vegas’ Tryst nightclub. In the clip, he narrates Rose’s every move in a ham-fisted attempt to destroy her credibility.

Rose, who Dancing Astronaut identifies as an “androgynous star,” (???) is only the latest clearly female human being to be painstakingly scrutinized—by a mostly male contingent—for pretending to DJ. Another recent victim was Ukrainian DJ Nastia, whose recent set at Caprices Festival was drawn into question and only validated when her detractors saw an image of man-jay Raresch playing on the same apparently off CDJs. When will women stop faking their DJ sets? When will men stop asking that question????

And thank God Dancing Astronaut brought this illuminating clip to our attention. If we didn’t witch hunt like this, the world would be full of vagina-having FAKERS profiteering off our sacred art form.

UPDATE: Rose has responded to the allegations—YOU CAN RELAX BOYS, her set was “real” after all.

For another example of someone in Southern California getting heaps of attention for their utterly irrelevant endeavors by starting a media shitstorm about a facile debate in dance music, click on this story about a nightclub that banned laptops.