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This Sound Archive Is A Sample Bank With 80,000 Recordings


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Can you ever have enough samples? With storage technology developing rapidly how much stuff you can download is no longer an issue. It’s more a question of what you download. Recently we found out about an innocent-looking little CD that came with an issue of Future Music magazine in 1992-93, and the samples included influenced almost a decade of electronic music production. That was about 600 MegaBytes of data. Nowadays we have access to vast libraries of sounds, and one of them is the British Libraries very own sound archive. It’s easy to get lost in this vault of recordings that spans more then a century. The Accents & Dialects category alone could probably spark a whole genre of new vocal-based experimental music. Click here to dive into the archives of more than 80,000 recordings.

For more check out this 54,000 sounds strong free sample archive or dig into a 637 GB strong free jazz collection here.

(via Open Culture)