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Build a Minimoog Out Of LEGOs

For the youngest generation of synth enthusiasts, New Yorker Andy Grobengieser has designed a Minimoog set… out of LEGOs. As Create Digital Music reports, the set features uncannily close attention to detail. Grobengieser explains:

“The control panels are not intended to be a one-to-one reproduction of the control panels of these instruments, which would be practically impossible at this scale. Instead, I chose to simply suggest the knobs and switches and panel prints with simple elements. The design of the side panels closely resembles that of the original models: metallic on the Model D and wood-grain on the Voyager Old School. Both synths sit on simple Lego recreations of an X-style keyboard stand.”

The Minimoog LEGO set isn’t a reality yet—to make it one, you have to vote on LEGO Ideas here. See more images (including a speculative vintage Moog modular) here.