Bump To Classic Jams With This '80s Miami Bass Primer – Telekom Electronic Beats

Bump To Classic Jams With This ’80s Miami Bass Primer

Bass sounds better in Miami.

With winter looming, it’s never a bad idea to place yourself in some warmer musical climates. For that reason, we’ve been bumping this Miami bass primer compiled by the good folks at 20jazzfunkgreats, which features some classic ’80s tunes like Anquette’s “Throw The P” and an insane track called “Street Wars” by Palmerforce Two. In a pretty on-point assessment, Jazzfunk write, “If techno represented the logical conclusion of Cybotron’s electro, then Miami bass was surely the next evolution of Planet Rock. Retaining the Kraftwerk and p-funk influences, but keeping the vibes distinctly party-based, funky and served up with whooping and hollering from bass-riding male and female MCs.” You can just picture the white sand and sound system now, can’t you?

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