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Does Playing Vinyl Legitimize EDM DJs?

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100% Oldskool Vinyl at #BringingTheMadness 3.0 !

Posted by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Respectable dance-music DJs are frequently defined in opposition to the typical EDM DJ, whose sets are generally perceived to be all style, no substance—smoke and mirrors, so to speak. However, with EDM scenesters like Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike recently appearing before stadium crowds in Belgium for a “100% Oldskool Vinyl” interlude, much of music media (like Thump, Magnetic and more) is asking whether beatmatching can legitimize even the worst DJ culture offenders. In our view, trading laptops for wax won’t change the fact that the music is basically the same, and doing so is just turning what once was the trademark of skill and commitment into a marketing ploy. There have been many rumors about the vinyl boom killing the record industry, but is this really what they meant?