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Caress Your Waveforms With A Touch Plate Micro Synth


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The Hyve Touch synthesizer is a new project from low-key synth alchemist Skot Wiedmann, a designer known for building bizarre and intriguing trapezoidal modular workstations. After years of relative obscurity, Wiedmann returns with news of a touch plate micro synth that’s dainty in scale but rich in gestural response. Hyve is a “polyphonic analog instrument with 3 axis touch control,” meaning you can shape timbre, pitch and dynamics with the wiggle of a finger. Though the accompanying video emphasizes the instruments’ lamer possibilities, the powers of well-implemented touch control can make your synth playing more akin to that of a violinist than a point and click loop peddler. Details are quite scanty on the minute though you can sign up to find out more here.