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This Chatbot Showed Us What Carl Cox Looks Like As The Sun

MurphyBot lets you enter the weird and nightmarish world of AI creativity.

We’re going to be honest with you: We spend most of our time in the office dreaming up freakish combinations of our favorite artists. These thoughts tend towards things like, “What would Nina Kraviz look like as Aphex Twin?” “What would Berghain look like if it were a person?” “What would Depeche Mode be if it were an animal?”

Though we could easily spend the time to hash out the answer to these questions in Photoshop, we’ve recently discovered a much quicker way to make these thoughts into a reality in the form of MurphyBot. It’s a surprisingly easy to use chatbot that responds to text queries with quick image mashups. Give it a spin here. Scroll below to see some of its freakish handywork in action.

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