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A New Label For Female And Non-Binary Artists

It’s no secret that feminists are divided on the subject of exclusively female lineups or initiatives.

However, Heterotic’s Lara Rix-Martin is trying something slightly new with her Objects Limited project. As Thump reports, the label will primarily release music from female-identifying and non-binary artists, with a wide spectrum of identities represented. In anticipation of those who cry “SEXIST,” Rix-Martin preemptively posted on Twitter: “bring it on, I average 4 hours of sleep each night and rage is my preset.”

The first outing will arrive courtesy of Eva Bowan (pictured above) on May 5, and an Objects Limited label night takes place on May 26 at New River Studios in London. Find more details here, and re-read what The Black Madonna had to say on exclusivity and leadership here.