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Check Out The Comic Book That Comes With Julia Govor's New Techno EP

Julia Govor new label jukuka

Jujuka will feature original comics to accompany each release.

Jujuka will feature a new comic strip with every release.

In the midst of our current media sensory overload, it’s important to remember that the music we consume all day was created by actual people, and that learning about our favorite artists’ lives can deepen our appreciation of and connection to the music.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Julia Govor—a rising New York-based DJ and producer who seems just as interested in sharing her favorite records and stories of her experiences as she is in writing tracks or performing—is starting a label that aims to remind us of this connection.

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Govor’s new multidisciplinary label, Jujuka, aims to bridge a gap between music and storytelling in a way that’ll likely hit close to home. The label, a collaobration with illustration duo Le.Blue., pairs records with original comics based on stories from Govor’s life as an artist, DJ and raver in the techno scene.

Listen to “0031”, the first single from Jujuka 01, above, and check out an excerpt from the release’s accompanying comic strip below. For more information on Jujuka, head over to their website here.

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