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Check Out This Incredible Collection Of '90s NY Rave Flyers

Moby, Lady Miss Kier and other NY icons relive the city’s vibrant ’90s nightlife through their favorite flyers.

You probably knew that Moby was once a bit of a party animal in the New York scene. But it’s only when you see him billed on a rave poster as the “incredible mixmaster wiz” alongside Frankie Knuckles that you truly understand just how unique New York’s nightlife once was. The spirit of that moment is captured in No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers From 1988-1999, a new book by DJ Stretch Armstrong that has gathered an impressive collection of flyers from that era. Browse a selection of flyers from the book and read some words by Moby, Lady Miss Kier, Mark Ronson and more over here.

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