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Claire Danes Explains Berghain to Ellen DeGeneres


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In this video famous actress Claire Danes explains Berghain to mainstream American daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Like, she describes the difference between Berghain and Panorama Bar, that the best time to go is Sunday, that they serve ice cream, that it’s “the best place in the world” and that “everyone’s wearing black or nothing at all.” To which Ellen replies, incredulously, “People are dancing completely naked? That’s disgusting.” And she projects a video of a massive rave and makes Claire Danes dance to high tempo trance that she calls “techno” and that Claire explains is not the kind of techno that they play at Berghain and is in fact “bad techno.” Hahahahaha wow. This could not be better satire if it tried. Can’t wait for a Berghain South Park episode.