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This 1984 Computer Music Documentary Is Surreally Awesome

Imagine a human finger poking awkwardly at a keyboard—forever. This hilarious “documentary” from 1984 explains how a computer can be used “as a creative tool used to make, display and store music”. The possibilities weren’t endless back then, a simple ROM chip was the size of a modern iPhone, but could only store 15 MIDI files.

I’s worth the watch alone for the annoying melody that just keeps going on and on while computer specialist Gary Kildall explains computer music on a scientific basis as well as (on a slightly more serious note) a visit at MIT’s experimental music studio and a discussion about the future of computer music. The whole thing feels veryTim and Eric.

For another take, watch Discovering Electronic Music from 1983 here, or watch how a sound technician explains sampling to a clueless audience in the ’80s here.