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Custom-Built Headphones Are The Future Of Awesome Sound

They sound like gold, and they’re priced like it too!

Being an audiophile is a lot like being addicted to…dragons. You’re always chasing that perfect dragon. Know what we mean? It’s pretty vicious. You know that perfection is out there, but you can never quite touch it completely. And you spend all your money in the process. If this describes you, then get ready to open your wallet, because custom-built in-ear headphones are the next big thing to offer the elusive but ultimately unsatisfying promise of “perfect sound”.

After an appointment with an audiologist, the earpiece is shaped specifically to the your ear’s natural contours. As Verge puts it, “Customs provide a blank canvas on which to paint musical soundscapes.” Whoa. Sign us up. What’s the catch?

Oh, shit. They’re over $1000…well, we don’t know about you, but we’ve been here before, and we’re not proud of where it took us. Maybe you should trying building your own bullet headphones instead. Or, alternatively, you could get some headphones that make you actually high. Or headphones that serve as social armor.