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Cybernetic Slime Mold Makes Algorithmic Music


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Dang…what a headline. That’s right—now there’s some moldy-ass cyborg slime in the world, making music out of algorithms. As Motherboard reports, Spanish artist Oscar Martin grew some mold, hooked it up to sensors and computer software, and brought the sound of fungal fury into human ears. With a background of sound art and a love of biology, Martin’s creation—codename “bionic sound machina | no human composer” (BSM_NHC_v0.1) iincorporates a cyborgian mix of the natural with sensors that translate the mold’s response to stimuli into a“non-human aesthetic taste” music and light show.

The mold possesses a collective intelligence, and apparently have developed a preference for repeating certain sounds. Martin expects to soon end up with a collection of sounds evolved from the taste of the mold colony. A slime mold song, basically. Have a cool Friday, everyone!