CYRK Share The Hardware Heaven Of Their Berlin Studio

CYRK Share The Hardware Heaven Of Their Berlin Studio

Watch how the duo harness an artillery of analog gear to craft their raging techno sound.

Over the last few years, a string of vibrant electro and techno records have trickled out under the CYRK name. The sumptuous sounds and inventive arrangements speak to the immense studio that the Berlin-based group—comprised of Sierra Sam and Pascal Hetzel—have amassed over the years. The duo’s collection boasts some of the most cutting-edge analog gear both young and old, and they use vintage synths with high-powered modular systems together to craft their idiosyncratic sound.

For the latest edition of our Tech Talk video series on our YouTube channel, the self-professed “hardware geeks” show how they set up their cavernous studio to channel the gear’s potential and how they arrange their live jams into dance floor-ready club weapons. Watch previous episodes via the playlist below.

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