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Daft Punk and The Weeknd Have Teamed Up

If this doesn’t scream “mega-hit!”, we don’t know what does.

Ah the rumor mill is a wonderful place to be—excited by a snippet of news here, disappointed by its lack of development over there. Well here’s another juicy piece of industry gossip for you that might just have some weight behind it: The executive for The Weeknd’s label, Wendy Goldstein, revealed last week to Billboard that The Beauty Behind the Madness star has been working in the studio with the the ever-elusive, safety-helmeted superstars, Daft Punk. AND THEN, The Weeknd went and posted the above studio snap of some rather Daft Punk-looking action figures to his Facebook. The corroborative evidence is almost too much to bear!

Yes, Daft Punk do actually have light-up action figures. Read about them here. And listen to Chilly Gonzales cover Daft Punk here.