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‘Daftworld’ Reveals Where Daft Punk Found Their Classic Samples

This video traces the obscure origins of the super group’s French house stylings.

Daft Punk’s signature sound culls from a broad range of musical influences. Their timeless electro hits are a pastiche of classic rock, disco and funk samples, all of which have been sourced from lesser known ’70s artists—including George Duke, Vernon Burch and Sister Sledge—and turned into some of the French house duo’s catchiest hooks. Daftworld, an eight-minute video courtesy of The Awesomer, traces the original samples used in Daft Punk’s music and plays them next to the group’s modern reinterpretations. Listening to them side-by-side may give you a new appreciation for their creative approach to production. Check it out below.

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(Via The Awesomer)

Image via Your EDM