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My Daughter Said Depeche Mode—Holy Moly!! Sweet Lil' Angel!

Wow, my daughter.

The TV says, “kids say the darndest things,” but yesterday my daughter said the DEPECHEST thing. She said the name of the famous English synth pop band. My daughter said Depeche Mode! Can you believe it?

children are a blessing from above

“What’s that, Emily? You are truly a wonder.”

Usually kids say horrible things. “Snaps chat.” “Google.” “Teenager.” Yikes! But my daughter, a regular Shirley Temple, said Depeche Mode. She said it in the garden, where true things grow, where the peace of the day is found in simple realities. As we till the soil to nurture the birth of new life, so too do we till the hearts and minds of our children, who may one day grow up to say the name of a band I like.

well bless your little heart

“Well bless your little heart”

They say children are little angels sent from above to remind the living adults why we’re here. The distractions of technology cloud this fact. Smart phone, well I call it a DUMB phone! These numbers on these things are always in the same order. What the heck should I do if I want to call a different number?? Well I’ll tell you what. The only “reach out and touch someone” I need is to touch the faith that my daughter’s smile gives me as she says those two magic words: “Depeche Mode.” 

High Five Emily!

“High Five, Emily! You’re fantastic!”