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Designers Screenprint the History of Electronic Music

Manchester design studio Dorothy has mapped out a history of electronic music—in the style of a theremin circuit board. The Electric Love Blueprint pays tribute to over 200 inventors, innovators, artists, composers and musicians who contributed in major ways to the evolution of electronic music, starting in 1857. Léon Theremin and Robert Moog merit mention, as do Krautrock originators, John Cage, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and more.

“The style of the diagram is based on instructions of how to build a theremin,” designer James Quail explains. “We took our inspiration from instructions from the mid-50s, but altered and stylized them to construct a structure which we can then use to connect related artists… The diagram has an area devoted to inventors which then spills out into artists who use their inventions, such as Moog being connected to Wendy Carlos.” Find out more here, or order your own here.