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Do Androids Dream of Cyberpunk Mixtapes?

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One wasn’t enough. Two wasn’t nearly enough. You absolutely need some more cyberpunk-flavored soundtracks in your life. This one fits the bill nicely—compiled by Parisian synthwave demon Perturbator, it’s loaded with the sickest jizz-wailing this side of the Tannhäuser Gate. Jack this bad boy into your neural implant and get jamming.


Ulver – The Future Sound of Music
Clan Of Xymox – Innocent
Astronoid – Detachment
HOME – Sleep
Sinoia caves – Sentionauts II
Xeno & Oaklander – Par Avion
Noir Deco – Regret
Something About Us (Daft Punk piano cover by Seob)
Chromatics – White Lie
Blende – Plush
Sommet – Lhotse Face
Chrome Canyon – Elemental Themes
Annie – Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)
AnalogSweden – Leaving Until Charcoal Sky
Lusine – Arterial
Kenji Kawai – Follow Me
SPACE – Fasten Seat Belt
Mitch Murder – Nocturne
Kraftwerk – Computer Love
Brian Eno – Prophecy Theme
Tangerine Dream – Alchemy Of The Heart (Redux)
Vangelis – Piano In An Empty Room