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Does This Wiki How-to on Rave Dancing Suggest Taking MDMA?

Is it just us, or does this wikiHow page on “How To Dance at a Rave” list taking MDMA as a fundamental tip to the craft? There are definitely some good suggestions in here—wear closed-toe shoes at the rave, don’t employ moves that require touching the filthy rave ground with anything but the soles of your closed-toe shoes and “let the beat of the music at the rave inspire how you dance,” among others—but one of the mini-tips under step two seems a bit controversial. Below the header “Loosen Up,” the author provides two bullet points: one about keeping your body loose, and one with some general information about MDMA. “Many ravers use a drug called MDMA,” the author writes, apropos of nothing except the topic of raving. “You will find that the desire to move around and dance comes naturally while under the influence of this drug, but remember to stay hydrated as it does increase your body temperature and encourage you to exert yourself more than you may be used to.” Although the writer doesn’t explicitly advise the use of the drug in order to encourage dancing…doesn’t that seem like what they’re saying? O.o