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Download This Techno Compilation To Save A Life

Being a techno producer and touring DJ has its fair share of occupational hazards. One such hazard is that illness can absolutely cripple a career. This misfortune has sadly befallen Andreas Gehm, a Cologne-based producer with a variety of rugged techno and house records on labels like Bunker, Crème Organization and Mathematics. In a recent Facebook post, he reached out to express his poor health and dwindling finances. Luckily, the techno community takes care of its own, and now 25 producers—including Orlando Voorn, Drvg Cvltvre and Aaaron Carl—have banded together to create a compilation to raise money in support of Gehm’s speedy recovery.

Comp For Andreas Gehm Part 1 is available now on Bandcamp, and listening or donating can help an artist get back up on his feet again. For more on Andreas Gehm, check out his track with the “world’s longest techno break”. Then chill out with this deep acid mix and this classic Chicago acid mix.