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Wobble Your Way To Victory In DubWars


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Space and bass collide in this innovative arcade-style shoot-em-up.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go “inside” your favorite music? Maybe Guitar Hero gave you a pretty decent impression of what it’s like to “play” a song, but not how it “felt” to be inside the song’s environment.

Enter DubWars. This is not a game that tests your reflexes—that is, how you can time your clicks with a button that flies towards you. Rather, DubWars uses its shoot ’em up arcade style to visualize a sci-fi world that the music inhabits. It uses colorful explosions of gun fire, laser beams and forcefields as an innovative way to fuse both hearing and seeing music. Think of it as future-bass synesthesia bliss.

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(Via FACT)