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Enter Autumn With A Mix of Underground New Wave & Post-Punk


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Ah, Fall. It may be our favorite time of the year. Crisp leaves, brisk winds, long black coats and a complete change of mood—a mood perfect for whipping out all those gorgeously melancholic post-punk albums that don’t quite fit with the summer party-hard vibe.

While it doesn’t feature Cocteau Twins (a staple of any aural Autumn wardrobe), this Youtube mix of fairly obscure post-punk, synthpop and wave is packed with October-flavored anthems. Kicking off with the admittedly not rare (yet still great) New Model Army, the mix segues into Blue In Heaven’s snotty new wave jam “I Just Wanna”, lost post-punkers Flowers For Agatha, a touch of anarcho from The Mob, Hysterica Passio’s propulsive minimal wave and more. And how can you not love anything that closes with Strawberry Switchblade? Burn a pyre of floral crowns as you blast this.


1. New Model Army – Bittersweet

2. Blue In Heaven – I Just Wanna

3. Flowers For Agatha – The Freedom Curse

4. Nervous Choir – O’David

5. Brilliant – That’s What Good Friends Are For

6. Princess Tinymeat – Angels in Pain

7. Bunnydrums – Little Room

8. Zero Le Creche – Last Year’s Wife

9. Kiss The Blade – Young Soldier

10. Skeletal Family – Someone New

11. Aimless Device – Hyena

12. Bill Pritchard – Black Souls Under White Skies (demo version)

13. The Mob – Witch Hunt

14. Rhythm and Faith – Time To Run

15. The Danse Society – We’re So Happy

16. Gene Loves Jezebel – Shaving My Neck

17. Tear Garden – Deja Vu

18. Strawberry Switchblade – Let Her Go