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How Would You Design A Perfect Audiophile Smartphone?

Apple ditched the headphone jack, and now music fans are gathering to envision a better tomorrow.

The iPhone 7 is a pretty polarizing device to say the least. It’s got music nerds and audiophiles up in arms over its lack of a conventional audio jack. The controversy has caused some to wonder if there might not be a better way forward. Wired‘s Jesse Jarnow asked hardcore audio fanatics to dream up and share their ideas for what they think ought to go into the perfect phone for music consumption.

Some go as far as to wish for actual quarter-inch connections on their phones or to have souped-up digital-to-analog audio converters built into their phones. All these things obviously would make phones bigger and more expensive—would you pay the extra money for a perfect audiophile smartphone?

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(Image via Wired)