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Essential Anime "Akira" OST Reimagined as Techno Retro-Futurist LP

Akira, the highly influential 1988 anime that made the term “Neo-Tokyo” ubiquitous, is having its’ equally-impressive soundtrack reimagined.

On March 26th, Berlin-via-Toronto’s Bwana is releasing Capsule’s Pride, a reworking of Geinoh Yamashirogumi‘s original OST that the producer ran through Abelton and reworked bit by bit —including samples from the film. It’s probably going to be an essential listen for fans of both anime and hyper-futuristic neon pumpy music for Saturday night soundtracking; fortunately it’s getting both a vinyl release and a (free!) downloadable version, as well as a t-shirt which will probably show up on Boiler Room at some point. It’s all dropping via LuckyMe, and we’re very much looking forward.