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Explore The '80s Underground With This San Francisco Fanzine

Unsound magazine takes you into a world of underground electronics from the well-known to the obscure.

The San Francisco fanzine only existed from 1983-’85, but there’s an enormous amount of music history in these bad boys. We just discovered this downloadable archive, and we’re already researching the music in some of the great cassette reviews—and any reading that requires you to do further research is right up our alley. These zines also feature some wicked interviews with the likes of Sonic Youth, Adrian Sherwood, Glenn Branca, Richard Kern and Nick Zedd and even a young Kronos Quartet! Highly worth exploring for music lovers and culture historians young and old.

For further ‘zine reading, get a modern education on the ethics of raving. And be sure to check out this archive of Damage, another seminal San Francisco-based underground music zine.