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This article from Tech Insider describes how artist and TED Fellow Christine Sun Kim, who has been deaf since birth, responds to the “sound etiquette” imposed by the hearing world and provokes new ways of thinking about listening. “Everything that I have been taught regarding sound, I decided to do away with and unlearn,” Kim says. “I started creating a new body of work.” Through an exhibit at the MoMA, a residency at the Whitney, and a stint as guest artist at MIT Media Lab, Kim explores how sound can be experienced not only through the ears, but also visually or conceptually.

Recent projects include “Game of Skill 2.0,” in which museumgoers alter the sound produced by a radio by sliding it along a magnetized cable line, a “face choir,” for which deaf choir members could only use facial expressions to “sing” words displayed on a tablet, and “voiceless” lectures utilizing tablets. Read more here.