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Fabric Will Donate Extra #SaveOurCulture Funds To Charity

Now that the club has won its licensing appeal, fabric will donate surplus funds of the 320,215 it raised to undetermined “worthy causes.”

Yesterday, fabric’s managing director Gary Kilbey posted a “transparency statement” that details the results of the staff’s day in court on Monday, during which they won their appeal to win back their license and reopen, as well as the costs they incurred and funds they raised during the #SaveOurCulture campaign. The document includes a statement from their barrister, Philip Kolvin QC, a list of thank-yous to their supporters and a breakdown of their income and expenditures.

According to the statement, the total pledged—which seems to mean the total amount they raised through donations to #SaveOurCulture—reached £320,215.00 by the time of publishing, but they will be accepting donations until 17:00 (U.K. time) this evening, November 23. This far surpasses the £4,883.00 they spent on legal services, expert witnesses who appeared at court and tech support over the past few months, so Kilbey reports that the extra proceeds will go to “worthy causes within the industry,” such as their barrister’s efforts to reform licensing laws.

The statement also hints that they’ve commissioned a new piece of art that all donors will have the opportunity to take part in and will be installed in the club when it reopens.

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