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Is Twitter The New Battleground For Fighting Sexism In Music?

If the internet had been around four decades ago, would the mythology of rock ‘n’ roll be based on guys who would have otherwise been lurking in the jailbaity corners of 4chan? Following this week’s controversy around a well-known music publicist being outed on Twitter for sexually harassing his artists, a new article in The Atlantic speculates that unlike in the ’70s, when sexism was so often hushed up, contemporary artists can really shake up the industry by speaking out on social media. “Sexist attitudes and simple lust may fuel some men’s desire to become a sexual predator, but impunity allows them to act on that desire,” the author writes. “If the goal is for women to be able to operate in the music industry (or anywhere) free of harassment, assaults, discrimination and predation, removing that impunity would seem like a good place to start. And that might—might—be what’s happening right now.” Read it in full here.