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Fill Your Weekend With 194 Music Documentaries


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You’re not going to be bored for a lonnnnnggg time.

Love music documentaries? Of course you do—but don’t you love them much more when they’re free and right in front of you? Well, you’re in luck, because that right up there is a playlist of 194 music documentaries, rare interviews, tech commercials and more, all available for your viewing pleasure.

Love house? Well, what sort—UK? Chicago? Detroit? NYC? Accceeeeddd? All the flavors are there! Get a gob full of gabber, masticate some modular mania, try a taste of trance and tease your tastebuds with tons of techno. For the more adventurous palette, explore musique concrète, circuit bends and the diverse taste of John Peel.  It’s all here, waiting for you—are you ready?

For even more beats, travel back to the heyday of Jungle with this massive mixtape archive. For more video, subscribe to’s YouTube channel for hours of cool performances, interviews and ephemera.