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Dispelling The Myths About Synthesis


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Watch Bob Moog Foundation specialist Marc Doty bust some prevalent electronic music myths.

Anyone remember the 1953 Melochord? No? That’s probably because it – and a whole number of other immensely futuristic and prescient machines – have been shoved to the shadows of synthesizer history.

To help us get our synth story correct, Marc Doty held a lecture, 5 Myths Of Synthesis, at Chicago’s Knobfest this past month. Doty is best known for his synth demos and is also the Archive & Education Specialist at The Bob Moog Foundation, so safe to say he knows his electronic instrument history. He doesn’t disappoint: shattering many of the misconceptions that exist in our standard story of how synths came to be such a revolutionary part of contemporary music.

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(via Synthtopia)