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Forget Technics: Denon Delivers Killer New Turntable For DJs

Denon’s new decks seem to have all the features DJs want at a price they can afford.

With every passing day it seems as though Panasonic’s Technics devision is growing more and more out of touch with the DJ community. That distance has created a void that other companies are now beginning to fill. Case in point is Denon DJ.

The company has just announced its new Prime VL12 turntable, a deck that seems like just the kind of thing that DJs have been waiting for. It offers an SL-1200-like experience with an extremely high motor torque setting, cool RGB lighting for the platter, custom noise isolation feet and an adjustable pitch that can go +/-50%. Most importantly, though, is its attractively affordable $899 price tag.

In addition to this new turntable, Denon DJ has also unveiled a whole other series of pro DJ products under its Prime Series brand. This includes a new media player and a mixer. Learn more about the whole thing here.

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