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Four Tet Returns With Pay-What-You-Want Compilation

A compilation album of compilation tracks, for free.

Four Tet’s musical output never seems to slow. His discography is so big, in fact, that beyond his own records and 12-inches (including on his label Text Records), he has enough music to create new albums from tracks specifically made for other people’s compilations. Yesterday, the man otherwise known as Kieran Hebden released a compilation album of compilation tracks produced between 1996 and 2013 as a pay-what-you-want download from his Bandcamp. Entitled Randoms, the record is attempt to reposition tracks that in their original contexts, “feel a bit random now.”

The oldest track is “Field” from 1996, the first Four Tet track ever released on Leaf Records’ Invisible Soundtracks compilation. The most recent is “Gillie Amma I Love You” made for a charity project called BOATS in 2013.

You can stream two new Four Tet tracks from this year here.