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Intangible MP3s get their own 150-pound physical site in Berlin.

These days music can be acquired, consumed and discarded without the slightest confrontation with a physical medium. At the same time, fetishization of the medium of exchange is much of what keeps the record industry bubbling along.

Both of these dynamics have merged in a new project run by Berlin-based musician and Faitiche records founder, Jan Jelinek. In order to bridge the gap between the convenience of digital formats and the reduction out of the act of acquiring the music. Jelinek created the Temple-cube, an 150-pound object into which visitors can plug their laptops and download his Temple of Faitiche album. “Every guest is more than welcome to connect her/his laptop to the Temple-cube and copy my work,” Jelinek told The Creators Project. “Data exchange, usually deterritorialized, is getting locatable.” The Temple-cube will be installed at Image Movement in Berlin from June 22 until July 5. Find more information here.

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