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This French Club Hides DJs Behind A Curtain

Parisian club Badaboum’s new party wants to bring back old-school DJ culture.

From the faceless DJs manning the discos of old to the purposefully obscured image of Underground Resistance, anonymity was once an important part of dance music culture. Though it’s less common today, one Parisian club has decided to take a stand. Badaboum has announced that it will be starting a Thursday night party series called “Merci” that takes things back to a less ego-driven nightlife experience. Marketing the party as a “return to the original values of clubbing”, the clubs art director Martin Munier explains, “Every Thursday, DJs will be invited to play at Badaboum as silhouettes behind an illuminated backdrop. The artists’ names may occasionally be revealed during the night, but not in advance.” And with a proposed soundtrack of “house, funk and world music”, we have to say it sounds like the kind of party we’d like to be at.

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(Via Trax)