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This Is What The Future Of Dance Music Looks Like

We’ve seen the future and it looks pretty cool.

Dance music and graphic design have a pretty rich history together. For instance, what would Warp be without The Designers Republic’s iconic sleeve work? Imagery has a way of making the sonic experience come to life. And now, in 2016, it seems that a new crop of forward-thinking young designers have come to prominence, and they’re imagining a rich visual future for the music of the present and future. These are designers like NON’s Chino Amobi, NAAFI’s Alberto Bustamante (whose work is featured above), Studio Remote’s Adam Rogers, Grafiti Tapes’ Luca Lozano and other individualistically minded folks.

Want an overview of these new aesthetics of cool? Then head over to Thump for a convenient rundown of the ten graphic designers who are absolutely killing the music game at the moment.

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