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Get Darwinian With This Modular Plug-In

A common catch-cry of modular synth evangelists is that “the possibilities are endless” (as if that hasn’t be the case with any other instrument). That’s all well and good, but you’re going to need some sort of method to whittle down infinite possibility into some kind of a sound. And if its not going to be divine or artistic inspiration, why not use good ol’ Darwinian Natural Selection instead?

Darwin Arts describe the Trilobite 1.3 Modular Synthesis Evolver as “using the same natural phenomena that brought you jellyfish, the platypus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and yourself.” It allows you construct custom synthesis patches and instruments  before applying the “Evolution Engine to create thousands of mutated possibilities, and even breed your new patch with others that you love.”

Watch Blawan and Kangding Ray discuss the “modular Renaissance” here.

(via Sonic State)