Get Lost In Hypnotic Techno With This Mix By STAUB Resident Irakli At Griessmuehle

Every Berlin Club Worth Going To In 2018 Techno Underground Party Griessmühle

A great party. A great DJ. And an amazing club.

Georgian club music renaissance man Irakli Kiziria has made quite a name for himself in Berlin. He’s become equally notorious for his tunnelling, time-dilating techno sets and his regular “mysterious all-day techno party” at //:about blank, STAUBwhich you can listen to a mix from here. Cued into the city’s most , Irakli has teamed up with Mother’s Finest—the weekender known for bringing a full spectrum of underground DJ and live sets to Neukölln’s dance music institution Griessmuehle.

In this hour-long excerpt from his morning set at the acclaimed party, Irakli is in full form, running through a diverse, exploratory selection of heavy techno tracks. Moving from circular, winding beats into noisier, electro- and EBM-tinged tunes, Irakli’s set is a perfect example of the most exciting directions the genre is being pushed right now.

Listen to the set above, and for more information on Irakli, watch a recent interview with him from our Facebook live stream here.

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