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Get Lost Inside A Synth Dungeon With This Dark Ambient Archive

File this one under “genres we never knew existed.”

The synthesizer has always enjoyed something of an association with high fantasy. In the ’70s, prog rock groups used synths to score operatic anthems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and similar writers. That current of electronic music apparently lives on today in the form of a genre called “Dungeon Synth”.

Fusing aspects of dark metal, dark ambient and lo-fi synthwave, the genre is one of the stranger things we’ve stumbled across in our journey through sound. And while the style is obscure, you can get a nearly complete overview thanks to a YouTube channel called “The Dungeon Synth Archives“. It includes full album specimens from this unusual genre that span from the ’90s to the present. It’s worth a browse just based on the album art and titles alone. Check it out below.


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