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Get Records Delivered To Your Alpine Gig With This DHL-Drone

Big news for all avid record collectors and sellers in the Alpine regions of Germany: it seems that a three-month long experiment with postal delivery drones has come off without a hitch. Earlier this year, the drone, which is affectionately titled the Paketkopter, carried out over 100 trips between  DHL “Skyports” in two remote towns in the German Alps. Can’t you just imagine it now: customers simply drop off their packages at a skyport, punch in a code and off little Paketkopter goes, taking a direct course between those sublime, glassy summits, the ceiling of the European continent, with your crate of records in tow.

In any case, it may be more safe than some postmen’s handling of records. Read more about that here.

(via Wired)