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Get Your Body Brvtal With Doom Yo)))ga


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There are seemingly infinite varieties of yoga—aerial yoga, naked yoga, trance dance yoga, yoga with dogs. And now, you can practice your vinyasa flow to the meditative tones of Sunn O))) and Prurient, thanks to groups like Noise Yoga and Black Yoga that soundtrack their classes with a mix of drone, stoner metal, ambient and doom.

“The focus of yoga creates a really good environment to appreciate sound, in a deep listening kind of way,” Noise Yoga co-founder Gabe Schubiner told Thump. “Intense music creates a kind of mindfulness as well, in that it can be very aggressive in displacing thoughts… Noise can feel paralyzing in intensity. I think having a structured movement in that context is a bit of a role shift.” Watch a preview here.

Image via Black Yoga