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Could This Website Be The End Of Vinyl?

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. And nothing evokes nostalgia more than the gentle crackle and pop from a slightly worn vinyl record—it’s a simple pleasure that streaming sites, like YouTube, are slowly gutting from our everday life.

Enter Vinylfied, a website that lets you experience the charming sound of vinyl, but without all the hassle. It sits easily in a tab in your browser, adding an extra layer of warm faux-analog vinyl hiss to whatever cold digital audio stream you’re currently jacked into.

Is it really the end of vinyl? Probably not. But it makes for an interesting sonic experience. It’s also great white noise for sleeping: Run the website while going to bed as an alternative to your Sounds of the Rainforest CD and drift off to those sweet sleepy memories of Steely Dan…live…in your city…

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