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Hear "Vertical Stack" off Kuedo's New Album

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A new album from Kuedo—his first since 2012—is in the pipeline. Set for release via his freshly minted Knives label on  July 31, Assertion of a Surrounding Presence features guest appearances by Egyptrixx, Mind:Body:Fitness and Roly Porter.

Kuedo told FACT that he “felt the presence of ambient power systems” while at work on the record. “Planetary computation as a militarized zone. Latent potential for states, psychological and infrastructural, to destabilize, disrupt and dissolve. For such ambient presences to physically materialize and assert themselves. For known systems to become uncanny. Emergence out of complex systems. The here, the now. Cold rush. Engagement with musics that have described these concerns—’90s techstep, video game sound environments, anime soundtracks.”