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This Music Is Scientifically Proven To Make Cats Happy


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“Species Specific Music” unlocks the world of sound for all our little feline friends.

Cat Power never do it for your cat? What about Cat Stevens? No? What about “Cat Stance” by Dario Zenker. No luck, huh? Well it’s no wonder really—despite our best anthropomorphic advances in music we’ve kinda forgotten that cats have a completely different sonic palette. In fact, the origins of how a cat comes to recognize rhythm in general is very different than humans.

Whereas humans first receive the sense of rhythm from our mother’s pulse in the womb, cats receive their first rhythmic impressions post-birth, like from birds chirping or the sound of suckling for milk. So says David Teie anyway, whose vast musical career led him away from human-centric music and towards trying to “bring credible music to as many members of the animal kingdom as possible.” This meant thinking about what would actually be the most sonorous features of the world for a cat, and subsequently processing and organizing these elements into some semblance of “music.”

You can listen to a sample of the record below. Somehow those processed meows that turn into high-pitched bowed strings reminded us of the nauseating sentimentalism of cafe bookstore folk music. But hey, who are we to judge what a cat finds banging? Apparently listening to this music makes our feline brethren excited, leading them to approach the speakers and rub their scent glands on them. Sounds like things can get pretty hectic when the music’s right…

Read on about how scientists organize legitimate LSD listening experiences here  and how science has declared genres dead here.

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