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Stream Maoupa Mazzochetti's 'Laugh Tool' LP

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When industrial music started voicing its dissatisfaction with the times, it sent sonic shockwaves through society. On his debut LP, Laugh Tool, Maoupa Mazzocchetti creates a resolutely contemporary industrial album by mixing absurd samples and old-school metallic sequences with DIY and strictly non-commercial sounds. Ideal if you’re into early Nurse With Wound or Throbbing Gristle, not to mention later wreckers of civilization such as Powell, Beau Wanzer or Charles Manier.

You might recognize Mazzocchetti from his past collaborations with Unknown Precept, PRR!PRR! and Mannequin Records, but you’ll have to give Laugh Tool a spin to wholly appreciate his insurgent rawness. And, lucky for us, we’re hosting the album’s exclusive premiere. Stream it in full above, and catch him performing at Mannequin Records Night next month at Ohm, Berlin.