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Here's 322 Fresh Samples from Legowelt's Roland JV2080

“Bored of your mundane analog bleeps ??? Looking for some fresh inspiration?????”

Who’d say no to that? Load up your favourite DAW and freak out to faded digital synth greatness with this Legowelt Elektrovolt Roland JV2080 sample kit! The mid-90’s Roland JV and JX series—despicably called ROMplers back in the day—were partly defining early techno productions. You can hear their crazy blips, sweeps and pulses on wide range of productions from Todd Terry to Mike Oldfield all the way to Hardfloor.

Download all 322 samples in a snugly compressed zip file from Legowelt’s comfortably ancient website — if you’re Amsterdam-bound this weekend, make sure to catch Legowelt at the lovely Nachtiville festival.

via Fact Mag